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Bavarian Wheat Price: $12.95
  Basic extract for light flavored beers.  Use as a base for fruit flavored beers.

Briess Special Dark Price: $12.95
  Helps boost gravity while adding color and flavor to your Stouts and Porters

Briessweet White Sorghum Syrup Price: $12.95

Provides proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with color and mild flavor.  a unique liquid adjunct to boost initial gravities while increasing overall brewing capacity.



Golden Light Price: $12.95

Basic extract for all light-colored, lightly flavored lagers and ales.


Munich Price: $12.95
  Can be used in the production of rich, malty beer styles such as Marzen or Bock beers or blended with other extracts to add increased color and malty character to any recipe.

Pilsen Light Price: $12.95

Light liquid extract available on the market. The butterscotch color is perfect for beer styles requiring a light, delicate base.


Porter Price: $12.95
  This base malt extract is made using most of the essential malts used for color, body, and flavor in all p-orter recipes; brown, chocolate and caramel.

Rye Price: $12.95

Adds color, unique flavor and gravity to any beer.


Sparklling Amber Price: $12.95

Basic extract for all darker, more flavorful beers with its roasty rich flavor.


Traditional Dark Price: $12.95
  Basic extract for very rich flavored beers.