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Flaked Barley per lb Price: $2.95
  Produces lighter color in the final beer Without lowering the final gravity.

Flaked Maize per lb Price: $2.95
  Popular in the production of pre-prohibition pilsners. Adds mild sweetness.

Flaked Oats per lb Price: $2.95
  Used in producing oatmeal stouts.

Flaked Rice per lb Price: $2.95
  Provides more fermentable without increasing body and flavors.

Flaked Rye per lb Price: $2.95
  Adds a crisp and slightly spicy character

Flaked Wheat per lb Price: $2.95
  Contributes less color than wheat malt and Increases foam and head retention.

Torrified Wheat per lb Price: $2.95
  Popular with the British breweries in the production of pale ale.