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Vintners Reserve Juices and Concentrates

Winexpert has put together a superior concentrate that makes a wine of the highest quality in a fairly short amount of time.  The kits are make from 100% varietals juice and come in a larger 7.5 liter format complete with all the additives and yeast needed for that particular wine.  These kits are made with the state of the art aseptic, nitrogen purged packaging methods.  They are perfectly balanced and require no acid adjustment.  You can make 6 gallons from these kits but for a heavier bodied wine, we recommend making 5 gallons.

Blush: Chablis Blush Price: $75.00
  Light, refreshing and delicious blush wine with a slightly drier finish than White Zinfandel.

Blush: White Zinfandel Price: $82.00
  Blush wine with sweet plum flavors and refreshing flavorful finish.

Red: Bergamais (Beaujolais) Price: $82.00
  Light bodied, fruity nouveau style wine.

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon Price: $88.00
  The king of the reds.  Bold, deep character. Aged for maximum benefit.

Red: Coastal Red Price: $80.00
  Aromatic red wine that is well rounded and balanced.

Red: Merlot Price: $88.00
  Full, fruity intensity.  Deep in color with black cherry and berry aromas.

Red: Mezza Luna Red Price: $88.00
  Rich and flavorful, this blend marries intense aromas with complex flavors bursting of cherry and raspberry.

Red: Pinot Noir Price: $88.00
  Has a velvety flavor that is met with a fullness of aroma resembling black currants.

Red: Shiraz Price: $88.00
  Australia's own "big red". A blend of blackberry fruit, spice & chocolate that's a dark & delicious treat.

Red: Vieux Chateau Du Roi (Chateau Neuf du Pape) Price: $86.00
  Full bodies, yet soft.  Contains oak chips to enhance its fine aromatic qualities.

White: Chamblaise (Chablis) Price: $75.00
  Crisp, semi-dry wine with a clean, refreshing aftertaste.

White: Chardonnay Price: $87.00
  Dry with pleasant acidity and a fruity bouquet.

White: Gewurztraminer Price: $79.00
  Aromatic bouquet, cinnamon-like spiciness with a long, full finish.

White: Liebfraumilch Price: $79.00
  Classic medium dry wine with a pleasant, fruity flavor.

White: Mezza Luna White Price: $93.00
  Clean and dry with soft flavors that perfectly complement almost all seafood.

White: Pinot Blanc Price: $77.00
  A delicate blend of Chardonnay and other California grapes. Dry , sharp and lightly fruity full-bodied taste.

White: Riesling Price: $77.00
  Light, refreshing and well balanced.  Smooth and easy to drink.

White: Sauvignon Blanc Price: $79.00
  Full-bodied and dry with a crisp, clean finish.

White: Viognier Price: $81.00
  A medium bodied, white wine that is low in acidity with aromatic notes of peaches and apricots. Serve with spicy Thai cuisine, Chinese take-out, Mexican dishes or medium to strong salty cheeses.