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Selection Premium Juices and Concentrates


These premium wine kits consist of a 4 gallon blend of varietals juice and grape concentrate.  They are packaged in aseptic, nitrogen purged bags.  Certain kits contain finishing packs designed to enhance flavor and round out sweetness to those styles which require it.  The finishing packs are style specific and will be noted on the outside of the box if one is included.  No sugar or acid adjustment is required.

Blush: White Merlot Price: $122.00
  Medium pink rose style wine with luscious berry flavors and aromas with a crisp finish.

Red: Barolo Price: $124.00

From the Piedmont region of Italy.  Big on flavor, deep in color with a good oak aroma.


Red: California Cabernet Sauvignon Price: $128.00
  A full-bodied red wine with aromas and flavors of red and black fruit and light spice.  The soft tannins allow this wine short term aging.

Red: California Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot Price: $132.00
  Popular blend that combines plump, fruity Merlot grapes with robust Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Red: California Merlot Price: $130.00
  Deep in color and full of fruit intensity.

Red: Chilean Pinot Noir Price: $128.00
  Subtle, spicy fruit flavors are a delight to the palate.  The king of reds.  Deep, full-bodied  wine with intense aroma and flavor.

Red: Luna Rossa Price: $136.00
  This bold, robust mouth filling delight.

Red: Valpolicella Style Price: $122.00

Ruby red color, fragrant and fruity with a delicate bouquet and a rich texture.


Red: Vieaux Chateau du Roi Price: $130.00
  Full bodied, complex character, yet soft and quick to mature.

White: California Gewurztraminer Price: $126.00
  Deeply colored crisp and spicy wine with flowery perfume and flavor of lychees and roses.

White: California Riesling Price: $118.00
  Fruity aroma and floral bouquet, crisp with a fruity and cinnamon

White: California Symphony Price: $124.00

White: California Voignier Price: $118.00
  A medium-body aromatic white wine with fresh spring blossoms, peaches and apricots on the nose.

White: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc Price: $120.00
  Light to medium-bodied dry wine that develops a grassy bouquet and spicy taste.

White: Liebfraumilch Price: $116.00
  A perfect marriage of sweetness with a slightly dry finish and a floral bouquet.

White: Luna Bianca Price: $124.00
  The "Big White" lush, golden and rich this wine is smooth and mouth filling.

White: Piesporter Price: $120.00
  German wine with a vivid fruitiness and classic flavors.