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There are thousands of home winemakers both in our country and abroad, which attests to the fact that winemaking is fun and easy to do.

There are basically two methods to make wine. First is with fresh fruit, and I say fruit, but wine can make out of almost everything that is edible. This method, depending on what you are using, requires what can be expensive equipment to prepare the fruit for the winemaking process. The second method uses juice or concentrate prepared for winemaking. This method will probably provide you with the best quality wine. The juice or concentrate has improved so much over the years, and the types now available make the sky the limit when it comes to what kind of wines you can make. Vineyards are now selling grapes to this industry making types of wine that previously were only dreamed of, available now.

There are many things to assist you in bottling the finished product which allows you to present a bottle of your wine as handsome as a commercial bottle of wine.

I would like to add this hobby is not only is fun to do, but gives you a great deal of control over the finished product. You come away with a great deal of satisfaction in the wine you have produced and you can save a great deal of money.

Here at Winemakers Supply we have many years of experience, as well as an extremely well stocked inventory to assist you in which ever method you undertake.